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The Center's team of faculty, staff, and graduate assistants engage with academics and consultants from around the globe to highlight the latest research in the areas of marketing and sales, management, technology & ethics, among others, with implications for today's real estate professionals.

Recent Stories

INSIDER: Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess

Understanding one's own mind has never been more critical for well-being. Dr. Caroline Leaf's Cleaning Your Mental Mess serves as a guiding light through the landscape of mental health, offering readers a clear path to harness the power within each of us. This power allows us to shape our thoughts, emotions, and ultimately, our lives. 

INSIDER: How to Listen with Intention

Most people today are exposed to an overload of messages to which they are expected to attend and respond. With access to information instantly at our fingertips, we can find it hard to step back and really hear what someone is communicating. Patrick King’s book, How to Listen with Intention, addresses this challenge and provides helpful strategies for improving skills as listeners, communicators, and conversation partners. 

The Power of Self-Oriented Competitiveness

Salespeople often have a reputation for being competitive, and the prevailing view might be that having a competitive spirit is suitable and favorable in sales domains. However, research shows that not all people think about competition (or competitors) in the same way. In this paper, we examine how different competitive orientations affect salesperson behavior and performance in the workplace. 

Surprising Syntax Sells!

Syntax is the grammatical formulation of words in a sentence and is vital to the memorability and persuasiveness of marketing messages. In a recent Journal of Marketing study, Atalay hypothesized that using messaging with a medium level of unexpectedness in the syntax, or syntactic surprise, would be effective in marketing messages. We examine their findings and draw implications to your real estate business. 

Staying Remotely Engaged: Interruptions and Breaks During Remote Work

Frequent interruptions during work hours from spouses or children or frequent interruptions to family life from remote work can be significant causes of stress. Mental and emotional resources can be taxed by this overlap, resulting in lower quality of work and lower overall satisfaction for the employee. With this in mind, we conducted a study to see what types of breaks would best contribute to overcoming stress and resource drain while working remotely. 

Wait Just a Minute: When to Ask for Online Reviews

It is hard to overstate the importance of online reviews. In today’s world where most product experiences start and/or end online, the experiences of others are more visible and more important than ever. In this research, we discover the most effective time to ask customers for reviews following a product experience. 

How Does Personal Identification with Supervisors Affect Salesperson Performance?

In a competitive marketplace, it seems clear that salespeople's performance can be influenced by those around them, but more often overlooked are the sources and specific manifestations of those influences. Our research aimed to address one factor of this phenomenon, namely personal identification with supervisors. 

INSIDER: Digital Marketers Sound Off

Technology has transformed the way businesses market products and services, making it essential for marketers to stay up to date with the latest trends in digital marketing. In Digital Marketers Sound Off, Matt Chiera interviews some of the most successful and innovative digital marketers in the industry, sharing their experiences and offering insights into the strategies that have led to success.